The trend for businesses to take social responsibility (CRS) is expected, increasingly important and top of mind for stakeholders.

Confidence and credibility are crucial in order for us to reach our business goals” states Knut Sollund, CEO in ColliCare Logistics. “To achieve this, we focus strongly on improving internal attitudes and concepts.

In order to achieve this, we will create and maintain a culture of high ethical standards. Our impartiality shall be above doubt. Credibility and trustworthiness will be established through a clear and concise vision in regards to social responsibility.

Child Labour

ColliCare will not tolerate child labour, nor anything in connection with such. We take internal measures, and also offer our partners and customers a service, especially in the Far East: to ensure a production process without child labour, we actively visit the production sites.

Employees Responsibility

Both management and employees need to ensure they operate within the relevant laws and regulations at any given time.

All employees must implement the highest ethical standards in his and her work (Code of Conduct), both internally and externally, to create and maintain the strongest possible confidence in our business.