All companies must conduct their business within the HMS declaration. ColliCare has established internal standards in order to achieve this.
Corporate Objectives:
  • ColliCare is a safe place to work
  • ColliCare will facilitate and conduct business in a way that no damage shall occur onto:
    • Employees
    • Materials and equipment
    • Environment

Creating a safe working environment will be achieved through:
  • Giving employees sufficient competence within the field of HMS.
  • Promote creativity, learning, employability
  • Annual Employee Appraisal
  • Annual HMS Appraisal
  • Frequent HMS reviews by a dedicated safety representative who is available to all during working hours. His or hers task is to follow up on HMS in his/hers department
  • Zero tolerance for bullying of any sorts
  • Maintenance of safety equipment, electrical tools/appliances/contructions etc according to legislations
  • Facilitate socializing by organizing various events
  • Ensure an accessible, functional and safe work place
  • Ensure processes and procedures for a unified work platform
  • Ensure employees know the duty to cooperate within the HMS regulations, in compliance with National Laws and Regulations

Evaluating HMS targets is defined as a continuous process, and long term objectives. Risk assessment and revision of the HMS objectives are conducted annually. Revised objectives are implemented for the following year.

Code of conduct
Quality - certificates ISO
Anti Money Laundering

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