Our vision is to develop ColliCare Logistics to become a leading provider of competitive and sustainable services for transport, logistics, forwarding and shipping. Along the way towards our vision, we wish to sustain a positive development with regards to ethical, environmental and social issues.


ColliCare Logistic Group is committed to operate within the guidelines for sustainable business development. We strive to focus on the ethical, environmental and social factors as far as possible, and according to external expectations.
Risk analysis is one of our main focuses prior to major decisions. We would then include:
  • Safety and risks
  • Environmental issues
  • Communication with main interest groups
  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Economic sustainability
ColliCare Logistics strives for a long term contribution to society. Read more about our environmental profile

The trend for businesses to take social responsibility (CRS) is expected, increasingly important and top of mind for stakeholders.
Read more about our view on ethics

Code of Conduct
ColliCare wish to be a responsible employer with focus on sustainability. Read our Code of Conduct here

Code of conduct
Quality - certificates ISO
Anti Money Laundering

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