Grønt Skipsfartsprogram

A partnership program between private and public actors.

The programmes vision is to establish the world’s most efficient and environmental friendly shipping.

Mainly done through studies and pilots.

Here you can find more information about Green Shipping program.

Grønt skipsfartprogram
Strengthening Norway's leading position on environmentally friendly shipping

The Green Shipping Programme (GSP), a public-private partnership, aims to advance the Norwegian government’s maritime strategies and plans. The program’s vision is to develop and strengthen Norway’s goal to establish the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly shipping. 

Green Shipping Program, main goals:

  • generate knowledge through studies

  • start pilots

  • exchange knowledge between theory and practice

  • scale-up pilots

  • facilitate dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders in the shipping industry, enabling them to make informed decisions


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Green shipping programme