H2 truck

Main goal is to bring 100 hydrogen trucks to the Oslo area with the necessary infrastructure – and then, further roll-out for the whole of Norway.

The project has collaboration throughout the whole value chain to ensure that infrastructure is in place when the trucks are ready.

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H2 Truck aims to bring hydrogen trucks to Norway. This is done in a collaboration between key transport operators and Norway’s leading professionals within zero-emission heavy-duty transport.

H2 Truck main goal

Get the first 100+ trucks on the road in the Oslo region, with associated infrastructure

Other goals

  1. increase competence in the value chain and mobilize more transport users

  2. positioning of the Oslo region and Norway vis-à-vis truck manufacturers

  3. prepare the roll-out of hydrogen trucks on a large scale in Norway

  4. coordinate with international initiatives for the use of hydrogen in important transport corridors

  5. contribute to local and national value creation


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