Awaiting the futures shipping methods based on renewable energy technology, we aim to advance transportation of goods, to the most environmentally friendly shipping methods of today.

We want to make transportation more environmentally friendly

  • making it easier for you to choose a greener freight solution

  • informing about environmental benefits choosing alternative shipping methods

  • by making offers for i.e. sea or rail freight which is comparative to today’s road freight

  • build logistics set-up's for a more environmentally friendly supply chain

  • transparency by sharing information relevant to your decisions


We are focusing on the total supply chain from producer to end-user. The flow of goods can be in several countries being managed by different logistic vendors, making usage of various shipping methods as well.

By creative thinking, we will help you find better solutions to minimize your environmental footprint.

China railway moving amidst the green
Environmentally freindly sea freight

Environmental friendly methods

  • rail freight

  • sea freight

  • road freight by electric vehicles or biofuel

  • smart packing of goods in containers and vehicles - more cargo in the same shipment

  • consolidation of goods and smart supply chain

  • multimodal and intermodal transportation 

Green road transportation program

Green shipping programme