IT documentation

Integration guide

Collicare supports multiple formats for integration.
In essence, the widely used IFTMIN 93A and IFTSTA D96A formats are supported.

We also support EDI by XML.


Integration for Warehouse Management (3PL) is supported by several formats. The preferred format is XML.

3rd party vendors of Transport Management (TA) software




Axia www.axia.no
Centiro www.centiro.com
Consignor www.consignor.no
Descartes www.descartes.com
Eseco System www.eseco.se
Logistra www.logistra.no
Logtrade www.logtrade.se
Proteria  www.proteria.com
Transportnett www.transportnett.no
Unifaun www.unifaun.no

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