Hos ColliCare overvåker vi situasjonen med Coronavirus / Covid-19, spesielt i Europa og Kina. Vi vil oppdatere så snart vi har relevant informasjon, eller situasjonen endres slik at den kan påvirke vår virksomhet.

Coronavirus - oppdatering juni 2020

Coronavirus-situasjonen, med lockdown på fabrikker og leverandører, har utfordret vårt dyktige logistikkpersonell og tvunget oss til å finne nye alternativer for våre kunder.
Den normale import- / eksportbalansen har blitt påvirket, og i noen land er ikke utstyret riktig plassert for å gjøre varetransport problemfri.

Norden; Innen nordiske transporter er bare litt berørt. Det har ikke vært noen problemer ved grenser, og alle offentlige tjenester som toll er aktive. Vi opplever større etterspørsel enn tilgjengelig kapasitet på lastebil- og førersiden, og påvirker servicenivået i noen områder.

Container- og lastebilmarked i Europa; Sjøfrakt i Europa er stabilt og på rute. For veitransport har flere grenser fortsatt ekstra midlertidige kontroller, noe som reduserer internasjonal trafikk noe. Kapasiteten er ok, noen utfordringer med sjåfører, og de har problemer med å reise mellom hjemland og arbeidsland.

Luftfraktmarked over hele verden; Siden det meste av passasjertrafikken er stengt, er flyfraktkapasiteten ekstremt lav. Resultatet er veldig høye priser og dessverre dårlig fleksibilitet. Vi forventer at denne situasjonen varer til passasjertrafikken åpnes igjen.

Asiatisk sjøfraktmarked; Kina er i en gjenopprettingsstatus, og produksjonssteder er nå fullt fungerende igjen. Mange fartøy er i plan for å installere skrubber for å tilfredsstille kravene i den nye standarden for grønn utkasting. India har vært i en lockdown-situasjon, siden denne uken åpnes noen områder, og bare forurensede områder er fortsatt under lockdown.
Ved eksport fra Asia er kapasiteten på fartøyene nå under ekstremt press. Vi sliter med å sikre plass til alle containere.

Jernbanetjenester fra Italia til Skandinavia og fra Kina til Europa og Skandinavia har ikke blitt berørt på noe tidspunkt og er i full drift - gode transittider og gunstige priser.

25.03.2020 Update

The Government has announced that the lock-down will now be extended until April 14, 2020. No sea freight that are not already initiated from/to India will not be possible until lock-down is over. Airfreight can in some cases be possible. Please contact for assistance
The Norwegian Directorate of Health has extended the period for the already implemented actions and restrictions to stop the spread of the Coronavirus in Norway, it is now valid through the 13th of April. Transportation of goods are exempted from travel restrictions, and are still defined as a critical function for society, and we are operating all services. Our staff and facilities are working according to our contingency plans, and we are following the recommended guidelines from the Directorate of Health
Transport prices during this crisis
The transport market is heavily influenced by the coronavirus situation. In some cases costs are drastically increased. In these cases we will contact our customer and discuss possibilities. This may occur even if there is a price agreement in place

23.03.2020 Update

New restrictions in Italy
New restrictions in Italy has been implemented, but our rail services to the Nordics are operating as usual. However we encourage our customers to contact their producers/suppliers to check if they are affected. Our staff in Italy will assist you in finding solutions for collection of your goods. Please contact us if you are concerned about your shipment

International freight in Europe and from Asia
Most services are reported to operate as usual

Collections in Europe
There are some issues with collection of goods in some parts of Europe, but we are monitoring the situation closely and will assist you in finding solutions

Export from India
The Indian Government has issued a lock-down in several districts in the country, valid through to the 31st of March. This affects both manufacturers/suppliers and the transportation of goods. Ports in India are reported to be closed as well, and this will affect export of goods. Our office in India and your contacts in any of the other ColliCare departments will assist you have questions regarding your shipments

16.03.2020 No significant delays in Europe, contingency plans executed in ColliCare

There has not been reported any significant delays or short comings in our operations in Europe.
As China is getting back to normal, the situation in Europe and other parts of the world is unpredictable and we are seeing several countries taking actions to limit the transmission of the virus.
As a global company we are taking measures to keep our employees, customers, subcontractors and partners safe and healthy. All are advised to follow ColliCare’s Coronavirus guidelines, and the recommendations from local health authorities and Government.
We have executed continency plans to ensure operations at all our facilities worldwide, and we are committed to make sure our customers still experience operations at a satisfactory level.
Closing of borders and travel restrictions across Europe has caused some minor delays on our road transport. For most countries drivers and personnel of goods transport are exempted from quarantine regulations and travel restrictions, and therefore able to cross international borders as usual.

16.03.2020 Measurements during the Coronavirus pandemic

European countries have opposed measurements to control further outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. ColliCare support the priority on health and safety of our customer, suppliers and employees by following the recommendations of the WHO organisation and national governmental institutions.

Our distribution terminals and warehouses have introduced strict measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. We are nevertheless able to handle and distribute goods for our customers.

We play an active part in the food supply chain, and so far no quarantine decisions have directly influenced our service. 
The closing of borders, ferry operations that partly stop and other unforeseen issues might  have consequences on the transit times, but this is difficult to predict at this stage. As there is no central approach in Europe, some uncertainties for cargo transport between European countries might appear. We will update you accordingly.  
In the Netherlands both trailer transport and container transport are operating, and we keep all options open to change modality from ROAD to SEA were possible to be able to keep a reliable supply chain for our customers.
In Norway drivers and personnel of goods and passenger transport are exempted from quarantine decisions when traveling outside the Nordic countries. Drivers with symptoms or that fulfil the demands of quarantine with regards to contact with confirmed infected person, will be side-lined as regulations set by the Department of Health.  

Our distribution drivers are taking precautions; keep a distance of 1-2 meters to others, avoid social gatherings in the terminal, no access to the administration building, and the other way around, sign on behalf of the customer to avoid contact, always write down the name of the customer, and document with photos when possible. The driver should always carry with them hand sanitizer in their van, and use this before and after delivery.

In our terminals and warehouses, everyone must wear gloves and change them regularly. Work machines and door handles are disinfected regularly. Those employees with critical work that cannot be done from home are following the recommendations from the health authorities with regards to hygiene. Drivers delivering goods to us are not allowed access to the terminals. We unload the goods ourselves to avoid contact with the drivers.
The situation for our personnel is closely monitored, and we have mapped out who from administration and the leader group that can assist in the terminal if necessary.
There are no major delays due to measures taken so far, but we ask for your understanding that these measures put a strain on the running of our operations.

We monitor all developments closely, and will keep you informed accordingly. The business contingency plan for ColliCare Logistics has been activated. 

We have created a page for the latest developments and status regarding Coronavirus, and the implications it could have on our services.

15.03.2020 Sea and air freight to and from Norway

Sea freight
The Government's decision to close Norwegian ports from Monday, March 16 at 8AM does not apply to cargo transport, only international passenger traffic:

Air freight
Norwegian airports are not closing. Transport and the provision of goods will continue:

13.03.2020 Sea, air and rail freight worldwide

Airfreight is running as normal. Some challenges in/out of Italy may occur, but so far we have managed all shipments. Flights to and from USA might get restrictions soon, and we are following this closely and will update with new information. As for China there are some capacity issues with cargo in/out, but borders are open and there has not been reported any major delays.  
Imports from Asia are quickly increasing, as China is getting back on their feet. Imports to Nordics and Europe by sea are on time. Some challenges with the export, as all equipment now must be moved back to Asia.
Our rail solution from Modena in Italy are not affected and is on route, it arrives every Monday on Rolvsøy terminal in Fredrikstad. Our other rail solutions to from Italy to the Nordics are also reported to operate as usual.

13.03.2020 Norway

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has implementented a series of actions to stop the spread of the Coronavirus in Norway: 

The emergency response committee considers transport and personell related to supply chain as functions critical to society, and we are therefore obliged to operate as normal. 
Drivers and personnel of goods and passenger transport are exempted from quarantine decisions when traveling outside the Nordic countries. This also includes personnel needed to carry out the transport.We have introduced guidelines and action for all our facilities and staff in Norway, according to the recommendations from the Directorate of Health. And we are organising our staff to make sure we can operate at a satisfactory level.

10.03.2020 Europe

Status for operations
There has not been reported any significant delays or short comings in our operations in Europe.
Shipping lines are implementing equipment imbalance charge on exports, and feeder service from continental Europe to the Nordics are operating at lower frequency due to the delays in import from China. 
Italy is now considered to be under strict surveillance and with limited mobility of people.
All this is done to limit the contemporary contagion of the population which, however, can move to go to work and to return home.
On respect of the Decree we can also confirm that, on our specific case:
trucks and everything connected to our logistics operations in Italy, including our rail service from Parma to the Nordics will be able to operate without any limitation
The decree is valid till 3-4-2020
Other countries in Europe
Several countries are recommending to limit travel, and have enforced quarantine rules on people coming from areas labelled as high risk. Many countries have also decided to cancel events to prevent large gatherings of people

10.03.2020 China

In general, almost 75% of manufacturing enterprises have restarted production at early March. The social economic activities are back to normal by middle March, except Hubei/Wuhan region which is estimated late April.

Shipping by sea and domestic road traffic are running as normal since the end of February, all deep sea ports are open, both terminals and depots in coastal area.
Air freight service is only available by charter and cargo freighters, capacity volume is far less than market demand after production is back to normal.

ColliCare offers rail service from China to Europe, that is a feasible option to customers who are heavily impacted by blank sailings and cancelled flights in February. The transit time of 14-16 days is maintained from Xi'An, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing to European main hubs, during the coronavirus epidemic.

Following the mandatory extension of CNY holidays, businesses are slowly returning to normal in most places. At this stage, we follow the safety measures to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees, and employees in offices and storage have been back to workplace accordingly.
We will continue to monitor the situation and keep our customers and other business partners updated on developments which may affect our operations and processes. As your logistics service provider, we will fully utilize our strength to solicit additional capacities.

13.02.2020 China - Export/Import update

Chinese authorities have imposed safety measures on the Chinese population.

Chinese authorities have imposed safety measures on the Chinese population, due to the Coronavirus (covid-19). This has implications for many producers, which again can lead to problems with deliveries.
The safety measures are also affecting travel, and several major passenger airlines have cancelled their flights to and from China the following weeks. In summary this leaves us with a certain amount of uncertainty with regards to logistics and capacity for the various modes of export in the near future. We therefore recommend you to book well in advance.
ColliCare China cares strongly for their employees, they are following the safety measures, and are planning to open their offices as soon as they can. All of our Chinese employees are however already available per e-mail and phone, in order to minimise the impact on the logistics and business of our customers.
We would take this opportunity to remind you of our faster freight alternatives from China; rail- and  air freight.

03.02.2020 Coronavirus in China affects transportation of goods

Delays are to be expected
On Tuesday 28th of January, the National Immigration Administration suspended the issuance of travel permits to Hong Kong and Macao for tourists from the Chinese mainland.
Several air services to Europe, US, Korea and Japan are temporarily closed down in first week of February, announced by the airlines.
Early this last week Chinese Government announced to extend the Chinese New Year Holiday till February 3rd, and in Shanghai area it has been extended to February 10th. Mid-week this last closure date was decided to extend further by most of Provincial Governmental Offices, with a purpose to delay the massive travel to curb virus.
These restrictions will affect loading and transportation of goods within China, and import/export to and from China. Delays are to be expected.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you informed as we receive additional information.
Following this new official announcement, ColliCare Shanghai, Xiamen and Shenzhen will not open before/be closed until February 10th, 2020. However, all our Chinese employees will be available from February 3, via both phones and emails.

Coronavirus - COVID-19

Security precautions due to Coronavirus may affect the transportation of goods and infrastructure in general.


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