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At ColliCare we are monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus / Covid-19, especially in Europe and China. We will update as soon as we have relevant information, or the situation changes in a way that it can affect our operations.

Coronavirus - update June 2020
The Coronavirus situation, with lockdowns at factories and suppliers, has challenged our skilled logistics staff and forced us to find new alternatives for our customers.
The normal import/export balance has been affected, and in some countries, the equipment is not positioned correctly to make transports of goods problem-free.
Nordics; Intra Nordic transports are only slightly affected. There have not been any problems at borders and all public services like customs are operative. We experience higher demand than available capacity on the truck and driver side, influencing service level in some areas.
Container and truck market in Europe; Sea freight within Europe is stabile and on-route. For road freight several borders still have extra temporary controls, slowing international traffic down slightly. Capacity is ok, some challenges with drivers, and they have problems travelling between home countries and work countries. 
Air freight market, worldwide; As most of the passenger traffic is closed down, the air freight capacity is extremely low. The result is very high prices and unfortunately poor flexibility. We expect this situation to last until the passenger traffic reopens.
Asian sea freight market; China is in a recovery state, and production sites are now fully operative again. Many vessels are in schedule of installing scrubbers to satisfy the demands of the new standard of green ejection. India has been in a lockdown situation, as from this week some areas are opened and only contaminated areas are still under lockdown.
On exports from Asia, the capacity on the vessels is now under extreme pressure. We struggle to secure space for all containers.
Rail services from Italy to Scandinavia and from China to Europe and Scandinavia have not been affected at any time and is fully operative – good transit times and favourable rates.


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Coronavirus - COVID-19


Security precautions due to Coronavirus may affect the transportation of goods and infrastructure in general

Truck border crossing times


Overview in map

Please note: 
The data used for calculating the time it takes to cross the borders are aggregated across tens of thousands of shipments, but still does not give us an accurate picture.
The truck border crossing map estimates times for border crossing, trying to keep up with the rapidly changing border situations in Europe.

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