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At ColliCare we are monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus / Covid-19, especially in Europe and China. We will update as soon as we have relevant information, or the situation changes in a way that it can affect our operations.

25.03.2020 Update 

The Government has announced that the lock-down will now be extended until April 14, 2020. No sea freight that are not already initiated from/to India will not be possible until lock-down is over. Airfreight can in some cases be possible. Please contact for assistance.
The Norwegian Directorate of Health has extended the period for the already implemented actions and restrictions to stop the spread of the Coronavirus in Norway, it is now valid through the 13th of April. Transportation of goods are exempted from travel restrictions, and are still defined as a critical function for society, and we are operating all services. Our staff and facilities are working according to our contingency plans, and we are following the recommended guidelines from the Directorate of Health.
Transport prices during this crisis:
The transport market is heavily influenced by the coronavirus situation. In some cases costs are drastically increased. In these cases we will contact our customer and discuss possibilities. This may occur even if there is a price agreement in place.

23.03.2020 Update

18.03.2020 Update

16.03.2020 No significant delays in Europe, contingency plans executed in ColliCare

16.03.2020 Measurements during the Coronavirus pandemic

15.03.2020 Sea and air freight to and from Norway

13.03.2020 Sea, air and rail freight worldwide

13.03.2020 Norway

10.03.2020 Europe

10.03.2020 China

13.02.2020 China - Export/Import update

03.02.2020 Coronavirus in China affects transportation of goods

Coronavirus - COVID-19


Security precautions due to Coronavirus may affect the transportation of goods and infrastructure in general

Truck border crossing times


Overview in map

Please note: 
The data used for calculating the time it takes to cross the borders are aggregated across tens of thousands of shipments, but still does not give us an accurate picture.
The truck border crossing map estimates times for border crossing, trying to keep up with the rapidly changing border situations in Europe.

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