Facts about ColliCare

ColliCare is an innovative provider of logistics services within road-, sea- and air freight, 3PL and storage, inStore and eCommerce

ColliCare is an up and coming contender in the logistics market, in Norway we are ranked as number 7, by turnover. We are well established in the countries in which we are represented, hence the enormous market may make us look small compared to our competitors.

We are growing extensively and fast, continously expanding and developing our services. Our experience of being smaller has often shown to be an advantage, like our ability to offer customized solutions based on the customer's needs and to offer flexible solutions. 
Turnover in 2016:
1,4 bill NOK
Number of employees:
Number of drivers on contract:
Number of terminals:
12 warehouseterminals
Departments in Europe:
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands Rotterdam and Groningen, Germany, The Baltics - Vilnius and Kaunas, Italy and Turkey.

Represented all over Europe through our agent network.
Departments in Asia:
China; Shanghai, Xiamen og Shenzhen
India; New Delhi

Represented all over Asia through our agent network
Represented in the USA:
Represented through agent network
Knut Sollund