New weighing regulation for containers

Solas (Safety of the Life at Seas) is launching a new regulation regarding documentation of container weight, starting July 1st 2016.
From this date all containers, including all content, must be weighed and verified by certified equipment according to each countries standards and requirements. Estimated gross weight will no longer be accepted. 

VGM (Verified Gross Mass) can either be found by weighing container with goods and packaging, or by weighing goods and packaging and then add the weight of the container.
VGM must be documented on shipping documents in sufficient time before loading at carrier or terminal.
The shipper,  is responsible for the documentation of VGM. If VGM is not documented the carrier/terminal will not load the container, and charges may apply.

Download our SOLAS VGM Guide here.
This is an international regulation and applies to all countries. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure safety at sea, to both personnel and equipment. Insurance agencies wanted this regulation based on prior experience. In the past incorrect container weight has shown to be a leading cause to accidents and unfortunate events. 
For more detailed information: http://www.worldshipping.org/industry-issues/safety/MSC_1-Circ_1475_-_Guidelines_Regarding_The_Verified_Gross_Mass_Of_A_Container_Carrying_Cargo_-Secretariat-.pdf
If you have any questions regarding how this will affect you as a customer, please contact our shipping department.


New weighing regulation for containers
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