The Norwegian office has moved!

We moved administration, main storage, departments sea, road, customs and customer service in to our new premises in end of May.

From 27th of May, this is the new postal address;
ColliCare Logistics AS
Deliveien 10
1540 Vestby

The building has 30.500 m2 storage space and 3.400 m2 office space, which allows us to gather more customers under one roof. 
This enables us to utilise our resources more efficiently, gives us more floor space for handling, as well as several additional loading and unloading ramps. 
We are excited about this opportunity, and look forward to an even more efficient handling and process towards our customers.

It is only the locations in Moss that are moving, the rest of the offices in Norway will remain as they are. 

The Norwegian office has moved!
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