ColliCare is actively working to move more goods onto more environmentally friendly modes of transport. The last few years, we have invested heavily in both rail and sea freight as alternatives to road freight. 

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A greener strategy:

We would like to offer you greener freight alternatives. To seek out the smartest and greener alternatives for your goods, we would like to sit down together with you and map them out. 

Our popular fixed routes with rails and by sea, combined with our in-depth knowledge of environmentally friendly transport, gives you security when you choose us. 

Adapting to changes within the environment and climate is becoming a demand from our customers and manufacturers all over the world. The Government’s latest environmental message points to environmentally friendly sea freight as a priority area towards 2030. The next generations have definite expectations of a sustainable production and moving of goods.

If you wish to aim higher and greener, you should contact us. 


Sea Freight

Shipping goods by sea is often called the green road, especially when compared to road transport. The last few years, we have moved a considerable amount of goods from road to sea, especially between Scandinavia and the rest of the continent.     

We aim to make sea freight more attractive to you as a customer:

  • Sea freight is more environmentally friendly
  • Small difference in transit times compared to road freight
  • There could be money to save

Rail Freight:

Sending your goods by rail gives many advantages, as it is both cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly than road transport.

Rail service is one of our priority areas, and we have moved a large quantity of goods from road to rails.

We have established our own service between Parma, Italy and Norway, we offer very good solutions from Italy to Scandinavia and transport hubs in Europe, as well as rail freight services from China. All our services have proven successful and resulted in happy customers. 

If you are contemplating rail freight, let us help you.


Electrical distribution vans:

We are expanding our electrical fleet, especially with distribution vans in urban areas. We are also monitoring the development in the electric truck segment closely, and we have already ordered electrical trucks for a test phase on a regular service. 

All new company cars are electrical.