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The electric vehicle (EV) industry has one of the most demanding supply chains. The cost, risk, and barriers in logistics and transportation make it more difficult especially when it comes to growing your E-mobility footprint in mature markets such as Scandinavia. As a Scandinavia specialist, with high flexibility and service-oriented, we offer customers complete supply chain services from manufacturers to end users.

As a company with a strong focus on customer experience and good service, ColliCare has been a valuable partner. With their professional expertise and processes, we are well looked after. ColliCare delivers services at the highest level, and an exceptional willingness to be flexible.

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The EV supply chain has a high demand for circularity. Its complexity lies in the fact that parts, batteries, packs, or finished vehicles may need to be returned and recycled back into the product flow. By establishing connections between inbound flow and outbound, we are able to offer services throughout all stages of your supply chain management.

We work with leading automotive manufacturers and dealers and possess more than 10 years of experience in the industry. At ColliCare, our experts are committed to providing customized, cost-effective, integrated, and intermodal logistics solutions.

What ColliCare offer

  • a range of transport modes from China to Nordic countries: ocean and air freight

  • temporary import and export service from China to Europe

  • warehousing & distribution services in Nordic countries

  • rapid API/EDI integration

  • customs clearance

  • professional customer service representatives, follow-up of all types of inquiries

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Spare-parts warehousing offers a full spectrum of aftermarket requirements

Our warehouses are strategically situated in industrial area, with quick access to transport to other central parts of Norway and rest of Scandinavia.

Our automatic storage solutions handle your assets with care and accuracy. We're confident to serve your multiple workshops/points at the same time. Service parts are stored in fixed and mobile pallet racks. We are also utilizing the floor storage to place body parts. For small parts, they can be perfectly stored in our AutoStore warehouse. 


Value-added services:

  • Inbound quality checks
  • Repacking on inbound
  • Kitting
  • Return handling
  • Rework

Temporary import and export

Many automakers have the need to temporarily export and import vehicles for various purposes, including trade exhibitions, product demonstrations, sales presentations, testing abord or other business activities.

We provide full logistics services from start to finish – transportation, warehousing, and custom clearance for temporary import and export goods - to make your shipment smooth and simple.

Beyond that, we specialise in handling ATA CarnetAn international customs and temporary export-import document
ATA carnet simplifies the customs clearance and replaces all export, import and transit documents. Read more about ATA-carnet here
clearance in Europe and cross-border declarations between EU and non-EU countries.


Can we support your business?

Our experts assess, identify, design and implement innovative solutions and improvements that allow greater efficiencies and close gaps within the life cycle of your vehicles. Give us a call or drop us a message and we're glad to discuss how to make your Scandinavian journey smoother.

Eddie Wang

Eddie Wang

Managing Director China