eCare - Get full control of your logistics

eCare, our web-based logistics system, has been developed together with our customers who are also daily users. In 2020, we renewed this portal so it also functions as a customer portal.

Weekly Reports, one-time reports, booking by EDI, or just a general overview? How you use our new customer portal eCare is up to you.

Contact us for access to the customer portal and preferably also for a review.

In addition to our customer portal, we have other solutions that can be defined per customer case.

eCare - one source for all your logistics management

Manual access

  • tracking

  • search for own references

  • estimated departure (EDT), exact departure (ATD), estimated arrival (ETA)

  • size, volume, package and weight of the consignment

  • ordering function

  • overview from order to delivery

  • price calculation

  • document control, consignment note, order, commercial invoice, customs clearance documents

  • email notification, login and check

  • addresses, sender and recipient register

  • all assignments in one places

EDI integration with purchasing system at order level, OMS - order management system

  • control down to order level

  • document control, consignment note, order, commercial invoice, customs clearance documents

  • the order is automatically placed in eCare

  • the purchase order is followed up with the manufacturer, via our local departments in the East and Europe, you get first-hand updates

  •  automatic notification of changes

  •  work in your system, have a full overview in eCare

  •  free up own resources

Relevant information to the correct user of eCare

Many users in the organisation have to perform different tasks and need alerts at various times in the logistics race. eCare can be customised to provide the user with relevant information and alerts.

• logistics responsible - for full control of the entire process - from order to delivery

• purchasing responsible - from the item is finished, and ready to be shipped to the country

• storage responsible - when the item is expected to arrive

• operational office - when the item is to be picked up and shipped on

Sky Shi

Sky Shi

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