As a local 3PL warehouse or storage hub, overseas warehouses offer storage, distribution and processing, delivery, and other value-added services for exporters at the local market.

We have local knowledge and we can also provide you with a storage service and distribution in China and the Scandinavian region. We aim to offer you a smart and flexible storage service according to your supply chain. Whether it is long term, short term or a tailored storage solution customised to your needs.


You can find us in

  • Norway:  1 warehouse in Moss, and 1 in Vestby, and 1 in Kløfta, and terminals at Skedsmokorset, Porsgrunn, Rudshøgda and in Trondheim

  • Sweden: 2 warehouses, in Gothenburg and Östersund

  • The Netherlands: Groningen

  • China: Shanghai, Xiamen and Yantian (Shenzhen)


Advantages of local third party logistics (3PL) and warehousing

  • reducing costs - shipping from overseas warehouses has lower logistics costs than shipping from within China

  • save your time - shipping from overseas warehouses greatly shortens transport time; for example, storing a certain period of supply for Chinese automotive manufacturers, which facilitates manufacturers' timely response to daily/weekly demand for VMI from European automotive production lines

  • improving customer experience - local customers generally give preference to local delivery when choosing to shop, which can significantly reduce the time to receive goods 


We offer services

  • automation storage - Vertical lift storage

  • storing on shelves and racks

  • floor storage, in rows or blocks - indoors and outdoors

  • distribution 

  • WMS system

  • storage for car parts, food, and drink, clothing, equipment, industrial goods, chemicals, etc.


Logistics for eCommerce

Are you operating, or planning to operate, an online shopping business towards the Scandinavian market? Then we can assist you as a solid logistics partner for your consignments to Scandinavia.

We take care of your goods, and emphasise

  • customer service, with dedicated team leaders per customer

  • documented reception and quality control 

  • scanning of all incoming goods

  • registration of the goods in our WMS (Warehouse Management System)

  • scanning of all outgoing orders

The environment is important to us

  • waste is sorted according to recycling objectives

  • new forklifts with environmentally friendly batteries

Please contact us to find out more about storage

Wu Wei Gang

Wu Wei Gang

Operation Supervisor (Storage)
Clark Chen

Clark Chen

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