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Import and exports with Scandinavia are increasing. The need for well-organised transport, frequent delivery schedules, efficient customs clearance, and safe delivery to the recipient, is essential for your customers' overall experience of your company. 

ColliCare provides:

  • Distribution terminals centrally located in all Scandinavian countries

  • Daily departures to all parts of Scandinavia

  • Online tracking of all shipments, down to parcel level

  • Possibility for KPI reporting

  • Customs clearance

  • Booking via EDI, web or email

  • Professional customer service representatives, follow-up of all types of inquiries


Nationwide distribution across all Nordic countries:

  • Groupage 0-2500kg

  • Part-loads +2500kg: Direct delivery or via terminal. Special pick-up or delivery.

  • Direct distribution

  • Full-load, container and trailer transport

  • Direct distribution

  • Express delivery; 

           anything from small parcels to pallets, to part-loads.


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