Import tax on goods, declarations, calculations for taxes and duties – we can assist you with the routines for customs clearance of your import.

Custom clearance

Let us help you with your custom clearance

Our import customs clearance services cover all major sea ports/airports in China. You can access one-stop services for customs declaration, including customs inspection, customs clearance, transport, delivery to door, etc.


The main areas of import duty

  • ordinary import with quick customs clearance

  • temporary import, goods that are temporarily imported to China, and will be re-exported at a later stage

  • re-importation

  • special import


What can we assist with

  • pre-operational consulting service to analyse customs clearance processes, duty, and risks

  • one-stop service - door to door, port to port

  • one-on-one follow-up services

  • additional services

Stark Fang

Stark Fang

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