Back 62-ton special cargo from Poland to Singapore by ColliCare

62-ton special cargo from Poland to Singapore by plane

One of our clients set us an ambitious challenge to transport a specialized machine weighing 62 tons from Poland to Singapore. In this unique project, we used air transport, handled by our Projects & Special team.

The project required advanced planning, excellent coordination and understanding of the specifics of transporting this type of cargo. All this was possible thanks to the experience and competences of our team dedicated to handling special cargo.

ColliCare special cargo to Singapore.jpg

The cargo arrived at the airport in Gdańsk, from where it was placed on board a massive cargo version of a Boeing 747 with a main deck nose door and a mechanized cargo handling system. This allowed the 17-meter-long load to be efficiently placed on board.

Logistics is a key element of many industrial projects. Without appropriate support and involvement of specialists, such projects would be much more difficult to manage. We are glad that we could take part in another project of this type, which was a success.

If you are looking for similar logistics solutions, please contact our Projects & Special department.