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ColliCare offers SOC-solutions during the challenging ocean freight market

For shipments from China to Nordic countries, we help you get through the difficult times

Are you currently experiencing some difficulties in booking shipments? Are you struggling with the high shipping rate and scarce containers and space? Given the high export demand from China and limited capacity, we are likely to live with the challenge for a while. The instability and insufficient supply within the capacity market have become a bottleneck for our customers. With local presence, we understand the market and your concerns, we’re taking initiative and comprehensive measures for cargoes from China to Nordic countries to help you get through the difficult times.

In response to the needs of customers, ColliCare China provides SOC (Shipper Own Container) to secure capacities for customers while reducing costs. The SOC solution will be all available for both sea and rail.

For shipments with a higher timeliness requirement, our three-times weekly direct train service from China with a stable schedule can be a good alternative to your scheme.

For customers in industries with inventory strains, such as furniture, home supplies, textiles, etc., our department in China can offer you customized warehousing solutions to address seasonal and capacity constraints, in the meantime it weakens the impact of rising freight rates on exports from China. Our goal is to keep your supply chain smoother.  Your cargo is in good hands under the supervision of our team in China.

We are dedicated to finding solutions for our customers and We move quickly!

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