Back ColliCare and Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich and ColliCare have hit it off

The agreement between Jungheinrich and ColliCare was established in January 2024 and has had a good start. When choosing a supplier, flexible storage space, customer-friendly service, and good personal contact were important. ColliCare's facilities are optimal for Jungheinrich's products and needs, and the proximity to the E6 is a big plus for easy access for incoming and outgoing goods.

Trucks that have been out with Jungheinrich's customers in Norway are brought in after the lease period ends and stored at ColliCare in Moss. These are regularly sent to Jungheinrich centrally in Germany where they are revitalized through servicing, parts replacement, and new batteries.

Environmental Profile

Both Jungheinrich and ColliCare work to minimize their environmental footprint – each in their own way. Jungheinrich, for instance, does not sell diesel-powered trucks because they don't want to contribute to the environmental burden diesel vehicles impose. All their trucks sold as new today come with lithium batteries, focusing on longevity. Lithium has a long lifespan, and after a truck's life is over, the battery can be used in a new truck.

German products are known for their good quality. Used and worn-out trucks that have been used in Norway are sent to Germany for repair and refurbishment for resale. Jungheinrich is working against a use-and-discard mentality. The strategy of long-lasting products with the possibility of repair and reuse gives them a competitive edge in a market where there are cheaper products at lower prices – but which impose an environmental burden and are often more expensive to operate. The concept of "making used into new" has seen a significant increase in the last 5 years and clearly sets Jungheinrich apart from its competitors.

With service on the agenda

For optimal flow in logistics, good communication between the customer and logistics partner is of utmost importance. Via email or phone to designated contacts at ColliCare, Jungheinrich experiences getting help and support to keep customers and internal departments well satisfied with the flow of goods.

About Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich is an impressive German company with its own branches in over 40 countries and partners in 80. They offer for sale and for short-/long-term lease, products such as warehouse equipment, manual and electric trucks, AGVs, and digitization solutions like WMS and Fleet management. Jungheinrich actively works on sustainability, with tough climate goals and important certifications in place.