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The role of a freight forwarder

A freight forwarder is an independent and indispensable party of the international trade and transport community. Representing the logistic services that shippers and sellers use to arrange their shipments of goods.

Being an independent freight forwarder, we always look for the best solution for your shipment, from the producer to the end customer. Aiming to ensure stability, predictability, space, and equipment improving the supply chain logistic set-up.

Freight forwarder does forwarding and clearing cargo as the customs broker, provides third-party logistics and supply chain services on behalf of a client. 

The Freight forwarder takes pride in fulfilling and improving the whole logistic supply chain solution, cost-wise, resource-wise, or environmental-wise – not just ensuring space on a cargo ship!
   –  Knut Sollund  –

Advantages offered by the carrier

  • professional logistic advises

    • inform the client in advance about the possible challenges of freight transportation

    • negotiate with transport agents to reduce the cost of shipping the carriage

    • recommend alternative lanes for good transportation

    • recommen multimodal solutions

    • recommendation to improve your supply chain

  • own local offices or agency networks for logistics worldwide

  • being independent party offer all kinds of transport, road, sea, rail, etc. finding the best solution on behalf of the customer

  • knowledge of market/country

  • knowledge of local language

  • knowledge of local law and regulations

  • storage, terminal, cross-docking, packing, and distribution

  • detailed reporting, or customized reports daily - weekly - monthly

  • logistic consultants

  • seamless coordination across departments, countries, and suppliers

The freight forwarder, carrier, or custom licensed agent, arranges the handling of: 

  • import

  • export

  • customs documentation

  • costs of a special document

  • port and terminal charges

  • billing

  • packing

  • operation of transport movements

  • cargo consolidation 

  • knowledge of incoterms

  • managing freight costs

  • insurance

  • a total logistic service provider from the producer to end-customer!

The Freight Forwarders responsibilities according to International Conventions

  • giving CMR protection,

  • provide legitimate permission for the transportation time frame.

  • notify before shipping

  • comply with ADR shipping conventions of harmful products

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