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3 reasons for Vendor management

Sometimes wonder why you should have control or a better overview of your vendors? Production is on time, no delays we should prepare for? Quality of delivered goods is as expected, as well as control of costs?


1) Knowing better than assuming

It is always, however bad the message might be, better to know and be able to prepare rather than get surprised.

2) Prepare and change

Being upfront gives you the advantage to stop, correct, or change – change vendor, change the production plan, change the route for transportation, alert partners or customers, etc.

3) Having or seeking information

Logging into several systems to look for possible irregularities is both time-consuming and no assurance for finding the fault. Vendor Management gives you access to order information directly in your own ERP system, an effective, quick, and easy way to keep informed.


Being informed in time is the best control of a complex supply chain with many actors!



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