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Asia situation update

The situation in Asia persists and it looks like the autumn will be affected by overbooked ships, sky-high rates, lack of containers, and unpredictable delivery precision.

We are working hard to get a daily overview of the changing Asia situation, to find the best routes, rates, and predictable delivery.

Our best advice is to plan the transportation of your goods well

  • book  as early as possible

  • plan the upcoming transportation needs, for the months to come

  • share plans and change of plans, with your forwarder, as early as possible in order to find the best goods transportation - by sea, rail or air

Ningbo port operations update:

  • Ningbo Meishan terminal has been suspended its operation and services since 11th of August due to Covid-situation

  • also, pick-up of empty containers is suspended, neither get them in port nor on board

  • many vessels omit the Meishan terminal, making the congestion even worse

  • if the closure of the Meishan terminal is extended, the impact could be significant, as other terminals in Ningbo will not be able to fully absorb Meishan's cargo for a long time.  The cargo probably will be transferred to Shanghai Port or other ports, making the congestion even worse

Other freight alternatives

Both rail freight and air freight might be good solutions for transporting your goods, though they are also very popular these days.

Rail freight is fully booked during summer, but we are looking into adding routes to get more space for goods.


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