Back Changes in the European truck market

New trends and changes in the European truck market

The major truck operators are preparing for driver shortages, stricter environmental requirements and less activity from Eastern European carriers.


Fewer trucks available

We are seeing a shift in the European transport market, resulting in fewer trucks available each year. In order to understand the situation better, we have looked at some of the main reasons behind this change.

Firstly, the average age of a truck driver is 58 years old, and there is little to no recruitment in the industry.

Secondly, The EU Mobility Package strongly limits the activity in Western Europe for Eastern European transport companies.

Last, but not least, as the shortage of drivers leaves the industry in uncertainty, we also experience hesitation in truck investments in Western Europe.

As a result, there is an increase in sea and rail freight, and the market is adapting to the trend. We have developed smart multimodal solutions for most of Europe, more environmentally than rail. 



Two people at the dock making sure the loaded containers are ready to be shipped by sea
Containers by sea is a good alternative on routes that traditionally have been serviced by trucks


Seasonal shortage

In addition to the shortage of drivers, spring is the peak season for the transport industry. Capacity shortages in March, April and May are certainly nothing new. We face this challenge every year, and can therefore prepare to keep delivering on time and to schedules.


Covid-19 issues

Adding to the strain is of course Covid -19, which limits the opportunities for drivers to travel freely to and from their home countries.

Several countries ask drivers to carry out 10 days of quarantine on return. To avoid these regulations, many carriers choose to send their drivers straight back to their home country.

This leads to a further reduction in capacity.


Train on a railway surrounded by houses, bushes and green grass
Rail freight is a cheap, smart and environmentally friendly.


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