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Oversea situation update

Update from China, with latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic in Fujian.

China’s southeastern province of Fujian is now battling the latest coronavirus outbreak.

  • The city of Putian reported 186 locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases

  • Xiamen, the port city, had reported 92 confirmed cases

According to China Daily, the novel coronavirus outbreak in Putian, Fujian province, will likely spread to more regions across China but can be brought under control before the National Day holiday in October with the implementation of strong control measures.

Traffic & port operation in China

The government has imposed strict traffic restrictions and banned indoor gatherings in certain areas of Putian City and Xiamen city.

Port operation and traffic might be impacted and slowing down in a couple of weeks, as well as the booking. We will keep closely monitoring the situation.

In addition, a typhoon forces two of China's busiest ports to suspend some operations

  • The Shanghai International Port Group said in a statement that several terminals at the Shanghai Port stopped running Sunday night in anticipation of Typhoon Chanthu.

  • Yangshan Port has suspended all container pick-up operations on 13th September.

  • The Ningbo-Zhoushan Port halted operations at some terminals as well, according to separate notices from those terminals.


However, the operations are expected to be resumed in a short time.