Back Second block train from China to Norway on its way

Second block train from China to Norway on its way

The second ColliCare block train from China to Norway is on its way, a total of 50 x 40'HQ at departure from China. 

The first block train successfully completed its trial, now we are securing the second block train for our clients during this difficult period of time, even more, confident of a solid block train future.

The train takes a total of 50 x 40'HQ, with a transit time of 21 days to Malaszewicze on CR Express. The goods are transferred to the port of Gdynia within one day, and being shipped to Oslo by sea.

As most westbound rail services are currently suffering delays, our routing bypasses Kaliningrad and will therefore not be affected by the severe port congestion and delays of this border crossing. This new route solution minimizes the transit time for customers.

Do you want to know more about our direct rails services and the possibility to get space on our next train to Norway? Contact us!

Eddie Wang

Eddie Wang

Managing Director China