ColliCare China can help you with logistics to and from Turkey. We offer multimodal transport solutions by sea, road, air, and rail from and to the rest of Europe.

Locations in Turkey

Our ColliCare Turkey office is located in Istanbul.

Turkey (Republic of Turkey) is a country that geographically lies in two continents, thus, bridging Europe and Asia. We pick up and deliver your goods in Turkey and the Middle East.

Imports and exports to and from all Turkey and the countries in the Middle East are increasing. Experienced employees offer good freight solutions for general cargo and bulk good, FTL, LTL (less than truckload) distribution solutions and multimodal transport.

Freight from Turkey

Air Freight 

We can help you with both air and express services like express shipments, general cargo, priority cargo, chartering and door – door services. 


Sea Freight 

We organise your sea freight, handling of import, export, container transport, full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), customs clearance etc.

  • FCL/LCL via the steady route to Port of Mersin/Istanbul, Turkey (CY) 

  • Efficient transit time is about 34-36 days (Shanghai - Mersin)


Road Freight 

  • Suitable for most types of cargo
  • Transit time is about 27-28 days
We focus on complete solutions, from manufacturer to end-user

Logistics in Turkey

Storage, Yard Logistics, Cross-docking, Control Tower Logistics. 

Multimodal Transport from Turkey

Multimodal transport means combining various modes of transport under one assignment.

ColliCare Logistics Turkey offers
  • daily transport from Europe, by road, by rail or by sea

  • short delivery times from 22 to 144 hours depending on the destination

  • centrally located distribution terminals in all Scandinavian countries

  • online tracking of all shipments in Sweden, also for packages

  • booking via EDI, web, e-mail or simply by telephone

  • professional customer service and quality reports

From Turkey, we transport goods like
  • groupage

  • part loads

  • full truck or container, FTL, FCL

  • less than truckloads, LTL, LCL

  • ADR, dangerous goods

  • special goods

  • bulk material

    • sand, gravel

    • soil, agricultural products

    • tiles, wood material

    • industrial waste/waste

Additional services in Turkey
  • labeling and packing

  • storage

  • automated storage and retrieval system

  • walking floor

  • custom clearance

  • logistics consultants

  • offshore and projects

  • EDI, integrations

Groupage, 0-2500 kg, Turkey

Consignments shipped as groupage will be picked up and delivered by drivers with local knowledge.

Part loads, + 250 kg, Turkey

Direct delivery or via terminal.

Customs in Turkey

Comprehensive customs and tax regulations and time-consuming processes often make import and export demanding. We are specialised in customs management, with good customs procedures and help you with

  • general customs clearance

  • imported goods

  • exported goods

  • custom clearance documentation

  • cash and daily settlements

Customer service in Turkey

Opening hours 08:00 hrs.-17:00 hrs., dedicated employees supporting you by phone, mail, or chat.


Traffic rules in Turkey


Tolls in Turkey


  1. the maintenance of the highway, protection and highway and transportation management related expenses to the foreign-plated vehicles to contribute, Euro or its equivalent in the Republic of Turkey Central Bank of the value can be changed proclaimed exchange or taken a toll in Turkish Lira.

  2. Fees charged for the use of highway infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and highway fees and the fees for goods / cargo and vehicles are not included in these toll fees.

  3. The Ministry is authorized to determine, increase, decrease or remove the toll fees.

  4. These fees are accrued by the Ministry, and the collection is made by the accounting units affiliated with the Ministry of Finance at the border gates or by the assigned accounting officer trustees.

    According to the practice carried out by the Istanbul Transportation Coordination Center in 2010, heavy tonnage vehicles are prohibited from entering the traffic between 06:00 - 10:00 in the morning and 16:00 - 22:00 in the evening.

  5. enter Turkey at the customs gate that payment of tolls payable or paid if it is determined that missing or incomplete payment of fees will be paid three times as much.

  6. Regulations for implementation and tolls under this article are determined by a notification prepared by the Ministry and published in the Official Gazette.



Holidays in Turkey

  • 1st January: New Years
  • 6th January: Epiphany
  • Easter (date may vary)
  • Easter (date may vary)
  • 25th April: Freedom Day
  • 1st May: Labor Day
  • 2nd June: Republic Day
  • 15th August: Assumption Day
  • 1st November: All Saints Day
  • 8th December: Mary Day
  • 25th December and 26th December: Christmas

Rates for transport from and to Turkey

How much does freight transport to Turkey cost cost? Request a quote at ColliCare Logistics without obligation.

Eddie Wang

Eddie Wang

Managing Director China