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3 reasons for Vendor management

Sometimes wonder why you should have control or a better overview of your vendors? Production is on time, no delays we should prepare for? Quality of delivered goods is as expected, as well as control of costs?


1) Overview in one system

You get all the information you need from one system. Logging into several systems to look for possible irregularities is both time-consuming and no assurance for finding the fault.

Vendor Management gives you access to order information directly in your own ERP system, an effective, quick, and easy way to stay informed.

2) Predictable delivery times

Visibility gives predictability - a Vendor management system makes it easy to give status updates to your customers.

Ability to inform your customer of the actual status, from producer to predictable delivery time at their doorstep, we believe is the very best customer service. 

3) All documentation at hand

The Vendor management system samples documents at all times. Giving solid documentation of the processes, and ability to help your customer improve towards suppliers.


When your goods are scanned out at your supplier's warehouse, you will see them directly and on time in your ERP system!



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Kent Nicolaysen

Kent Nicolaysen

COO/CTO - Chief Operational Officer