A ColliCare trailer driving through a Norwegian road scenery to deliver predictable goods

We help you increase your competitiveness with smart logistics services and greener solutions. We create environmentally friendly transport alternatives and move more and more goods from road to sea and rail.

Considerable logistics expertise, green focus and dedicated people are our advantages - also, we want to provide you with the best customer service in the market.



Our vision is to enhance our customers' competitiveness through innovative and integrated logistics services of high quality and flexibility.


As a ColliCare customer, you can expect

  • an active partner

  • smart, cost-effective and green logistics solutions

  • that holistic thinking and complete solutions are our strength today and in the future

  • personal contact

  • the understanding of each customer's operations and framework conditions

  • high quality in implementation and follow-up

  • loyal and satisfied customers

  • the organisation is motivated by searching for innovative solutions

Some benefits we want you to experience as our customer

  • less time on logistics, better capacity for own core business

  • «My page portal eCare», tracking functions and reporting

  • variable costs, according to need and use

  • no personnel problems during warehouse operations

  • access to equipment, premises and capacity

  • update on changes, requirements and technology

  • professional knowledge in all parts of the logistics chain