Experienced and looking for new challenges?

Please apply, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

You may have experience in the logistics industry and can go straight into one of our roles. Or you have experience from other industries contributing to making us think new in the way we work and develop.

Make the next steps in your career!

Long experience, broad and varied competence, and some years on hand - then we think you have gained the knowledge and know-how along the way and have a lot to contribute.


Tip for you

Be honest, you are a senior.

We are not that interested in what happened in the 80's, rather focus on and tell us about the last 15 years, and what you have achieved, done, and learned.

Tell us what are your strengths and motivations, what drives you.

New knowledge mixed with previous experiences and being secure in a role often gives good results.

If we all think the same, then there's not enough thinking - we want myriads of ideas and diversity!

We believe it's a value being a mix of people of different ages, with various basis of experience and skills - especially when we together are to develop the way we work, the services we offer, and tomorrow's logistics solutions.

Rikita Ashish - ColliCare India

I am 8 years experienced in the logistics industry, past 4 years with ColliCare Logistics India. Being thankful for the support from management in India and HQ office in Norway, a smooth communication flow and operations make geographic no issue.

Appreciating the opportunities to learn as well as the chance to show my skills and area of expertise, building my confidence and personal development.

Rikita Arya Executive – Sales Coordination