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Brexit and Covid issue in UK / Europe

An update all regarding the current issues going on currently in UK / Europe.

  • all the ports are heavily congested, and due to pandemic, port operations were heavily effected, resulting in less number of containers being loaded on every vessel creating huge backlogs

  • a sudden increase of Imports from the Far East especially China

  • shortage of drivers due to Pandemic further created the congestion as import containers were not able to be removed

  • imbalance between Import and Export, imports being far more than exports

  • vessels are omitting the ports as they are not getting “Birthing Windows” with the port authority

  • ports frequently declining to accept empty containers due to shortage of space. Drivers are being asked to deliver the empties at different ports/locations, incurring additional costs for the customer, and unfortunately no help from shipping lines


 Above issues have further resulted in

  • haulage / transport  shortage

  • vessels being full

  • a shortage of equipment for exports

  • imports deliveries being severely effected – no availability of delivery slots for approx. 2 weeks – also leading to additional cost for demurrage, detention and quay rent for customers

  • and the worst being, shipping line’s implementing General Rate Increase (GRI) with immediate effect


We are closely monitoring the situation and are in close contact with the shipping line.

Will keep you updated on regular basis, but feel that this situation will continue for a couple of months more before it starts getting back to normal.
Thank You for understanding and your continued support.