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ColliCare Group is initiating a greener Container vessel pilot project

The access to hire vessels has become more and more challenging – especially in Europe. There are many reasons for the unavailability of vessels today, but knowing that there has not been any new ships built since 2010, it really becomes challenging to aim for a greener future.  

Cutting Emissions

In cooperation with the “Grønt Skipsfartsprogram” (Green shipping program) – ColliCare group is looking into the possibility of building a brand new container vessel powered with green methanol. The project is at this stage, only a “desktop exercise”, which will decide if a further process is possible at the end of this year.

At ColliCare group, our goal is to cut our emissions and be carbon neutral within 2030. Today this is measured by getting more transport of goods off the roads and onto the sea. But – what about the actual traffic at sea? Only this year we have experienced ports being partially closed, due to congestion. We have to act now – or the whole fleet will become too old, and too pollutive!

Being part of the transition ourselves, we commit stronger to our green targets, and also reduce operating costs and increase our operational independence with this project. Today, the ColliCare group's shortsea traffic is handled by our 100% owned subsidiary Viasea Shipping.

But why go to such a length of building a ship

  • get the latest environmental friendly energy efficient technology

  • new design will make it more efficient and optimal storage onboard

  • user-defined

  • flexible and controlled operations

  • risk reduction

The Norwegian government has set a target of reducing climate emissions on ships and fishing industry with 55 percent within 2030. We also know that a new tax regime will make it more ineffective and expensive to run a business with older ships. We consider it worthwhile to be in the forefront of this shift.

With this in mind – how can we not?

Sonnie Førrisdahl

Sonnie Førrisdahl

Sustainability Manager