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ColliCare is expanding in the Baltics and opens a sales office in Riga, Latvia

The Baltics is an important area for ColliCare and their customers, and they have been present in Vilnius, Klaipeda and Kaunas in Lithuania since 2015.

In 2020 ColliCare Latvia was established as an operational department.

This spring ColliCare Latvia is expanding with a sales office in Riga to offer even better solutions for customers importing or exporting from the Baltic region.

The Latvian department will focus on the road- and shortsea services between the Baltics, the Nordics, UK and Scandinavia.

The team in Latvia consists of Maxims Smirnovs as Managing Director and Anastasija Vitkovska as Sales Manager, both with extensive experience in logistics. In total, there are six people working at the office in Riga, including admin and operations.

ColliCare's customers in Baltics today are a mix of furniture chains in Nordics and companies within construction and industry. Tailored solutions like IT systems for vendor management and purchase order follow up have shown to be unique selling points in the chase for customers importing from the Baltics and Asia. ColliCare as a group has a growth of an average of 20% each year, with further plans to expand.

With access to a flexible shortsea system through daughter company Viasea Shipping, ColliCare wants to gain market shares in Latvia.

 “The market has, over time, struggled with disrupted supply chain processes. As a response, many manufacturers and logistic operators will increasingly find the Baltics as a well-placed alternative to diversify their risk. By strengthening our services in Latvia, we will be in a position to follow these changes in the market,” says Bjørn Erik Valldal - Business Development Manager Baltics. 
Bjørn Erik Valldal
Bjørn Erik Valldal



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