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Coronavirus in China affects transportation of goods

Forsinkelser er dessverre forventet

On Tuesday 28th of January, the National Immigration Administration suspended the issuance of travel permits to Hong Kong and Macao for tourists from the Chinese mainland.
Several air services to Europe, US, Korea and Japan are temporarily closed down in first week of February, announced by the airlines.
Early this last week Chinese Government announced to extend the Chinese New Year Holiday till February 3rd, and in Shanghai area it has been extended to February 10th. Mid-week this last closure date was decided to extend further by most of Provincial Governmental Offices, with a purpose to delay the massive travel to curb virus.
These restrictions will affect loading and transportation of goods within China, and import/export to and from China. Delays are to be expected.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you informed as we receive additional information.
Following this new official announcement, ColliCare Shanghai, Xiamen and Shenzhen will not open before/be closed until February 10th, 2020. However, all our Chinese employees will be available from February 3, via both phones and emails.