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Delays due to storm and flood in Norway

Heavy rain and landslides in southeastern Norway are causing major challenges and delays in delivery. 

We are currently experiencing major challenges due to the storm Hans. We are unable to deliver goods north of Trondheim, Molde, Ålesund and Nordfjord, large parts of the county Innlandet, Valdres and Hallingdalen.

Western Norway is also affected as several sections of the railway are closed. In some places, roads are washed away in landslides and it will take time to rebuild. At this point, it is unclear when we can return to normal delivery times in these areas.

Force majeure

Hans is considered a force majeure event, beyond human control and unfortunately, this makes it impossible for us to deliver goods per the agreement in the affected areas. All our transport services in Norway are subject to force majeure until further notice.

Please follow the development on the websites of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Banenor (in Norwegian).

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your goods.