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Digitoll, digital customs in Norway

Digitoll is the Norwegian Customs Authority's new solution for digital customs clearance. From March 2025 digital customs registration will be mandatory for all transport moving goods into Norway. Digitoll will be implemented gradually.

In March 2025 digital customs registration, Digitoll, will be mandatory for all transport moving goods into Norway. Everything must be cleared digitally before it reaches the border. Exempted are goods that are to be stored in bonded warehouses.

For our customers, the change to Digitoll means that the goods are fully cleared when it arrives, ready for use. Hopefully, some time will be saved at the border so that the goods will be received faster.

To use Digitoll, our customs department must have all information about the goods on the truck or in the container before it arrives at the Norwegian border.

The possibility of direct customs clearance with delivery disappears, along with it also the possibility to clear within 10 days of arrival. The goods can be declared up to 5 days before arrival.

To read more, please visit The Norwegian Customs or look at these (in Norwegian) YouTube clips