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Do not throw away your used building materials - reuse them

We are pleased to have entered into a partnership with Rehub; the digital marketplace developed by Rambøll, connecting supply and demand of Reusable Building materials in a hub of supporting features.

Rehub's mission is to make reuse the natural choice in construction projects. It should be as attractive and easy for the buyer to choose a used building material as a new.

Reusable materials delivered to the doorstep

The logistics have previously been a challenge to Rehub's distribution of reusable materials. Together with ColliCare they have achieved a practical solution for transport and storage, as well as professional handling of practical challenges such as packing, loading, and unloading with a crane.

- We are pleased to have a transport player with us who sees the value of flexible and comprehensive solutions. They not only take responsibility for transport from A to B, but for all needs related to logistics, says Linn Helland, in a statement.

- We are pleased to have entered into a partnership with Rambøll and Rehub. The collaboration is based on project logistics solutions for the entire REHUB concept, which is based on smart and sustainable environmental solutions.
Tore Kristensen, Project manager Projects & Special, is operationally responsible for the agreement, and will together with REHUB find optimal solutions per project in relation to cost, time, health, safety, environment, and sustainability
, says Georg Skivik Moltu, Managing Director CC Projects & Special.


Here you'll find more information about Rehub and ColliCare's collaboration  

Norsk byggebransje ( in Norwegian)

MT logistics( in Norwegian)

Georg Skivik Moltu

Georg Skivik Moltu

Managing Director Projects & Special