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Electric truck tests in Poland

Together with our logistics partner, we have completed the first tests of the electric Scania 40R truck on Polish roads. The tests for our client took place on a round-trip route of approximately 800 kilometers between the center of the country and the port of Gdynia.

Electric fleet at ColliCare

We already have experience in using electric vans and trucks, mainly in Norway and Sweden. This time, we decided to test a new solution on Polish roads. Such tests are a very valuable experience for us.

Tests completed successfully

During the tests, the electric Scania was subjected to trials in various road and weather conditions. The tests included transporting both an empty and a fully loaded 45-foot sea container. Throughout the process, we observed the behavior of the entire setup and monitored energy consumption.

“The first results are very promising. The average energy consumption on the tested routes was around 1kWh/km. The key factor influencing the amount of energy consumption will be appropriate education and training of drivers. An electric truck drives differently from a classic diesel truck.” 


The load ultimately reached our client in Norway by sea. Combining low-emission sea transport with delivering the cargo to the port using an electric truck allowed us to minimize CO2 emissions during the entire operation to an absolute minimum.

The tests demonstrated that with proper route planning and charging points, long-distance electric road transport in Poland is already feasible. The entire operation went smoothly and was successfully completed.