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Following global strategies, ColliCare Group becomes greener - focusing on rail solutions

The rail department is developing, and we are happy to announce we have employed Per Zachrisson, as Chief Development Officer Rail.

Per has broad experience in the Rail business and contributes to the corporate development team.

Why Rail

At ColliCare we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and reducing greenhouse emissions in all areas of our business. Rail is a fantastic way to achieve this, as the locomotives on our trains are electric. One locomotive can also transport up to the equivalent of forty trailers at once, whereas a truck unit can only transport one. So over long distances, rail freight is by far the best way to move large amounts of cargo.

Since 2017 ColliCare has been running a direct service from Italy to Norway. This has been a great success so far and the distances involved make rail solutions very competitive. Realising the great impact rail freight contributes on the environment, we are looking to develop rail solutions in Sweden as well.

Per Zachrissons focus is to develop more green direct routes between Europe and the Nordics.

Per Zachrisson

Per Zachrisson

Chief Development Officer Rail