Back Picture of above showing the automated storage grid in the ColliCare warehouse in Vestby.

Huge demand for automated warehouse services

Our warehouse in Vestby is expanding. In the 1st quarter of 2023, a new 10,000 m2 storage building will be ready, and the total warehouse will measure 37,500 m2. More space gives new opportunities, and in the new part of the building, in addition to pallet racks, an Autostore solution will be installed. The Autostore-solution makes us able to handle smaller products efficiently with a low risk of incorrect picking.

About Autostore solutions

Cube Storage Automation is being implemented. Smart robots, powered by batteries, sort and pick goods at high speed and with great precision. An Autostore solution grants the fastest order processing per square meter in the world.

Sustainable solution

By using Autostore, all energy will be utilized. Ten robots are using the same amount of energy as a vacuum cleaner. In addition, the Autostore storage solution provides 4 times as much storage capacity as manual storage, with the same footprint.

In addition, all our warehouses operate paperlessly.


We are proud of our agreement with IKEA, moving in 1st quarter of 2023. 

Find out more about our; first customer moving into our extension with Autostore (in Norwegian) and our; autostore vendor StrongPoint


Facts about our warehouse in Vestby

  • in total m2; 37,500

  • about. 34,500 pallet spaces in racks

  • automated vertical lifts for smaller goods, with a capacity of 800 picks per hour

  • Autostore facilities

    • capacity up to 40,000 boxes/bins

    • 36 robots

    • 6 gates

    • 800 boxes/bins per hour


Additional logistics solutions 

  • long- and shortterm storage for almost all types of goods

  • pick and pack

  • repackaging and Cross docking

  • last mile deliveries through external partners

We hold the Web-based WMS Warehouse management system NYCE. A warehouse management software serving semi- and fully automated logistics warehouses.


A photo showing the work stations of the automated storage installation in Vestby.
Picture of above showing the automated storage grid in the ColliCare warehouse in Vestby.
Vestby, Norway.