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New rules for customs in Norway postponed to 2025

The Norwegian Customs Agency now postponed to implement the change in customs rules from autumn 2023 to March 2025. The change is that from this date, there will be no exception from the customs rule, making direct deliveries without customs completed impossible. Also the rule exempting declaration of goods to bonded warehouse ends as well. 

For you as a customer, these are the changes;

From March 2025 it is important that

  • addresses match on the invoice and booking

  • the number of parcels matches the invoice and booking

  • stated weight is the same on both invoice and booking - this is very important!

In addition, we must receive the invoice as a PDF with the booking. A fee may be charged when we don't receive the documents we need for customs clearance.

We may risk goods being stopped at the border if correct information and documents are not in place.

Read more about: Discontinuation of the direct delivery scheme and the declaration exemption for customs warehouses (Norwegian language)