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Impact on logistics during Chinese Golden Week holiday 2021

Given the current market situation in Asia, the Golden Week this year (from 1 October to 7 October) will most likely have a greater impact on your supply chain than previous years.

Here is all the information you need, together with some market forecasts. 

Limited or no production

During the public holiday, almost all businesses, factories as well as government organizations will be closed or low-staffed. This means that production will be slowed down or completely stopped.

Airports, seaports, some terminals, and warehouses will keep running with limited capacity, and Customs offices will be closed.

ColliCare offices in China will be closed from October the 1st to the 7th.


Sea freight

Since today's capacity is rather low it would affect the normal export/import operations. Shipping lines often announce blank sailings to adjust their services to the low market demand.

The sea freight market is generally very tense with port congestions, delays, and lack of equipment. Xiamen port must delay its operation due to the latest COVID pandemic. 
Cargo space remains critical and rates could be further soaring until the end of the year. 

For sea freight, booking 4-6 weeks in advance is needed to secure cargo space.


Air freight

Chinese customs will not accept clearance of imports during the holidays, therefore, import shipments may not be delayed.

Together with the congestion in all other Chinese airports, the air freight market in general struggles with great challenges due to continuous capacity shortages.

For air freight, booking 2 weeks in advance is needed to secure cargo space.


Rail freight

Rail services are not directly impacted but are subject to available capacity and equipment in general.

The mass of orders has peaked two weeks prior to the golden week. The rate in October is expected to increase due to historically strong demand.

For rail freight,  booking 3-4 weeks in advance is needed to secure cargo space.

We recommend you take precautions in order to reduce the impact on your supply chain

  • share your logistic needs and shipment deadline making us able to offer you the most suitable solution

  • communication with your suppliers and customers to avoid possible delay

  • place booking as early as possible

  • prepare the accurate shipment plan and indicate the most urgent shipment if possible


For any questions please contact your regular contact persons within ColliCare, we will be happy to help you

Camilla Skjervold

Camilla Skjervold

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer