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New distribution centre in Norway opens April/May this year

In April/May our new distribution centre at Kløfta will open north/east of Oslo. The terminal will be a hub for the whole country in general, and especially for Oslo/Eastern Norway.

The terminal will mainly be used for reloading and distribution. All employees working with domestic services and airfreight will have their offices in the new building, 90 places in total.

The building

We will be able to handle 60 trucks simultaneously, with ramps with roofs and quick depots for distribution. We also have 32 loading ramps with shed. For indoor loading and unloading there will be 2 gates into the building.

The whole building is 11 305 square meters, where 1 800 are offices over 3 floors. All employees at existing terminal at Brånås, will move over to Kløfta.

Further, the building is also build by the TEK 17-Norwegian standard, where waste management, waste sorting, AC charging for EV-vehicles, both vans and private, and DC charging for trucks / distribution vehicles.


The huge demand for domestic transport services resulted in Brånås terminal no longer covering our needs. Kløfta will be our new distribution terminal where we have room to grow.

The terminal will be open 24/7. Domestic and international cargo will arrive for distribution. Every afternoon our linehaul trucks will leave for all the biggest cities in Norway, with cargo for further distribution locally.

The management and development team within domestic transport has been strengthened, and we are now ready for growth both in B2B and B2C delivery.