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New distribution terminal in Norway

We can now offer a fully door-to-door delivery solution to customers in Norway! Both to businesses and end-users / private persons. 

With our new distribution terminal outside Oslo and a strengthened Home Delivery department, ColliCare can be your partner - all the way. We have nationwide distribution in Norway, and we are one of the largest suppliers of services like InNight and distribution.

We offer a rich portfolio of services, like warehousing, customs services, domestic- and international transport. And if you have customers in the Oslo area, we offer transportation with zero emissions (electrical vans)! Why not make your business a greener one?

Facts about our new 11.300 sqm terminal at Kløfta

  • 60 trucks loading/unloading simultaneously

  • 32 loading bays with an overhang

  • gates for indoor loading and unloading

  • all ramps are fitted with roofs and quick depots for distribution

Our warehouse in Vestby, south of Oslo, is also expanding – giving a total of 37 008 m2 storage space from the end of 2022! Offering short- and long-term storage, for all types of goods.

In addition to our always personal service, you will find express deliveries, groupage (LTL), part-loads (LTL), Full loads (FTL), trucking, crane truck services, and construction site logistics and deliveries.


Contact us today for an offer or to have just a first talk about the possibilities in Norway and the Nordics!

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