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New Managing Director of ColliCare Sweden

We are pleased to introduce Allan Nielsen, the new Managing Director of Sweden. Allan is 56 years old and has a solid background and experience in the industry.

Allan has companies such as Green Carrier, DFDS and NTEX in his backpack and has clear goals with ColliCare Sweden. He started his professional career in the 90s and has done a lot along the way. Allan has a big passion for the whole Supply Chain and is not afraid to take on big challenges. His areas of expertise include development in all departments such as Road, Sea, Air, 3PL, Distribution, and Economy and aims to reach a turnover of 500 million by 2022.

ColliCare Logistics AB is currently on a strong growth journey. With a new office next to the highway E6 as well as proficient and dedicated employees. Allan believes the target of 500 million for 2022 is a fact. 

Allan will lead the entire Swedish organization, which today includes Gothenburg, Jönköping and Sundsvall with about 55 employees.

"It's incredibly exciting to be part of a fast-growing group with such a strong focus on personal customer service backed by really sharp digital tools.

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Allan Nielsen

ColliCare in Sweden has done a very good job and it will be very fun to have the opportunity to develop the organization further with both growth and profitability.

The width of products with a strong environmental focus shows that we have become a very attractive partner to the goods owners and transport buyers."  – Allan Nielsen, Managing Director Sweden