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New office in Schiedam

From November 7, 2022 the Dutch operational sea freight office that was located in Maassluis has moved to Schiedam. With this move, we hope to create additional space for the growth of our multimodal services.

Since August 2011, ColliCare Logistics is established in Maassluis with an office that focuses on overseas container transport, both European and worldwide. Due to the large growth of our sea freight services in recent years, the number of employees stationed in the office in Maassluis has also grown rapidly. To accomodate the expected growth of our multimodal services, we have decided to move into a larger office in Schiedam.

The new office in Schiedam offers opportunities to further develop our multimodal services in the future. Especially now that the CO₂ emissions of transports are becoming more and more important for our customers, we will continue to focus on multimodal solutions.

Over the last months, we have been busy with preparing the move into the new office, and last week we have successfully completed the move of the operational sea freight department into the new office in Schiedam.