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New rules for rest conditions for professional drivers in the EU

The new rules regulate the weekly rest, and how it is performed. The regular weekly rest periods and any weekly rest period of more than 45 hours taken in compensation for previous reduced weekly rest periods, shall not be taken in a vehicle. This rest period shall be taken in suitable accommodation with adequate sleeping and sanitary facilities.

The rules apply to both national and international road transport.

For transport companies and their customers, the result will be less flexibility. Also, the costs and terms for road transport within the EU will be affected. There are still many unanswered questions of how these rules will be put into real life, but more clarifying is expected during this fall. There are some challenges connected to infrastructure, to make these changes happen within a short time.

In a long-term perspective, these new rules, and also more rules already notified, will affect road transports in Europe heavily.


For all professional truck drivers, this is a positive turn. This occupational group are, in many cases, suffering from bad working conditions.


For more information, and questions and answers, please read more here.

Vestby, Norway.