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Prepare your supply chain for Golden week holidays in 2023

In 2023, the Mid-Autumn Festival will combine with National Day Golden Week for a long, 8-day holiday. Many factories and manufacturing units in China will shut down during Golden Week. It leads to a temporary halt in production, affecting both domestic and international supply chains.

Golden Week 2023 in China

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 29 and will combine with National Day Golden Week for a long, 8-day holiday from September 29 to October 06.

Most businesses and factories will be closed during the week-long holiday, meaning that production will be at a halt.

Airports and seaports will keep operating but with reduced manpower. Customs offices usually will be closed from October 01 – 03.

ColliCare China, like many other businesses, will be closed during the Golden Week and resume normal operations on October 7.

How does the Golden Week holiday affect your supply chain?

China is one of the biggest manufacturing countries, and its plunge in production volume impacts the worldwide supply chain. During the holiday, workers may return back to their hometowns and some people may extend their leave, meaning that factories with limited manpower may not operate at full capacity as soon as the official holiday ends.

In addition, as many companies speed up their productions and have products shipped out from China before the public holidays, this often results in a sudden demand surge, causing space capacity constraints, and carriers seeking Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) on specific named accounts.

How to prepare and minimize negative impacts on your supply chain?

Proper forecasting and planning help improve the predictability of your supply chain

  • Communicate with your Chinese suppliers in advance to understand their production schedules and any planned shutdowns during Golden Week.
  • Understanding your inventory levels and forecast demand for the period of Golden Week and beyond. It is necessary to stock up on critical items to ensure availability during the production slowdown and potential shipping delays.

Place your booking in advance

Booking in advance can ensure the space on the vessel and your shipping arrives on time. In addition, it helps you with cost planning.

Get in touch

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