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Science Based Target & Climate Action Day

Environmental involvement is important to ColliCare, and we are proud to announce our commitment to the Science-Based Target Initiative. The ambitions are high as we lay our plans for emission reductions, targeting the 1,5⁰ goal.

To ensure involvement from all our employees we are focusing on our commitment through our upcoming Climate Action Day this Friday.

With the announcement of our commitment, we are also calling other businesses to join the initiative for a greener future.

Science Based Target

We have committed to set a science-based target through the Science-Based Target Initiative.

ColliCare is responding to an urgent call-to-action for companies to set emissions reduction targets in line with a 1.5°C future, backed by a global network of UN agencies, business, and industry leaders.

Here you'll find more information about ColliCares Science Based Target initiative involvement.

You can read more about the Science- Based Target Initiative here.


Climate Action day

Upcoming Friday is a month before the G20 will have its climate conference. In this connection #ClimateActionDay will be held on Friday 15 October.

ColliCare marks the day in our offices with an information campaign, focusing on what each of us can do to contribute for a greener future.


Sonnie Førrisdahl

Sonnie Førrisdahl

Sustainability Manager